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Quick Hits, Volume XXVII

This new "gender-biased pricing" bill at Queen's Park is somewhat silly, but I don't think it will go anywhere, and isn't worth getting upset over. It is a private-member's bill that just caught the media's attention.

In a long and entertaining list of comments, Steve from Hamilton asks why the bill doesn't include the auto insurance! Good question.

Federal minister responsible for Ontario, Joe Volpe, has said that "the surplus was at zero as of the last budget" and there is no money to address the $23-billion fiscal imbalance Dalton McGuinty has been complaining about. This keeps the door open for Stephen Harper, but I'm not sure if we should expect much. He's not showing himself to be the most politically-adept these days.

Meanwhile, John Tory's by-election is tomorrow. I suppose he will probably win, and that's good news. It's always good when the leader of the opposition has a seat. Besides, as readers of this blog know, I've always more-or-less thought John Tory was alright.

Multiple commentators have declared that John Manley's "Fortress America" proposal is the end of his chances to ever lead the Liberals. Scott Tribe touches on some criticisms of the plan and suggest Manley join the Conservative Party. Meanwhile, Mike Brock implies resistance to the plan is ultimately a "spiteful anti-American response". I wonder if he would include the Windsor Chief of Police?




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