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Transit Tax Deduction 3

TTC Commissioners are still pushing for a tax deduction for Metropass customers -- this time in the provincial (made-for-TV) "budget".

TTC Commissioner Brian Ashton is quoted in today's Toronto Star. He points out that the recent Quebec provincial budget allowed for a transit pass deduction, and says that if Queen's Park did the same thing it would effectively reduce the Metropass price by $10.

Of course, the rationale again:

[This] kind of subsidy would help even the playing field between transit users and their colleagues who drive, who often receive free parking, said Michael Roschlau, president of the transit lobby group Canadian Urban Transit Association.

The other reason we were hoping for a federal transit tax deduction was because it was one small way the feds could help transit. We were hoping for federal help mainly because our provincial government has made their animosity well known.

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