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I'm about half-way through the book Baseballissimo, by Dave Bidini. It's about a summer he spent following a minor league baseball team in Italy. (Yes, Italy.) The book is about Dave's life growing up in Toronto, about baseball -- generally, and its international history.

Dave is a member of the Rheostatics, and you can download the first chapter of his book from their website.

Here's an excerpt from a chapter about the 1985 Blue Jays.

At the Ex, you could never read the skies. If it wasn't snow or ice or hail moving in off the lake, it was a blizzard of seagulls bursting over the lip of the park. A menace to all visiting teams, they treated the Astroturf as their natural habitat, an attitude that captured all that Canadian baseball fans aspired to be: stubborn, cold-weathered creatures undaunted by visiting American teams who had to deal with the snow and screaming birds if they dreamed of stealing a win.

Which just about gets at why I'm not interesting in watching games at SkyDome Rogers Centre.

Anyway, Bidini's book is a pretty good read for anybody who grew up caring about baseball.




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