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Harper's Current Strategy

John Ibbitson's column today tells us that the Conservatives' strategy to focus on same-sex marriage as a way to win over minority voters may backfire, based on rumours of internal polls.

Those polls suggest that progress isn't being made on this front. "[T]here is little or no leakage from the Liberals to the Conservatives among ethnic minorities", Ibbitson writes. The reason would seem to come down to the fact that this is just one issue among many, and it wouldn't seem to be important enough to outweigh whatever has this target leaning Liberal in the first place.

To Ibbitson, Harper is blowing it. There are strategies available to Harper that could win him seats in Ontario -- Ibbitson suggests taking up McGuinty's fight for a better deal for Ontario -- but the SSM issue probably isn't going to be good enough.

All I know is that I'm worried* about how the dedicated Conservaties are going to react if this strategy doesn't work. We in Ontario took a lot of flak when the CPC didn't do as well as they hoped. They were outraged(!) at our sheep-like behaviour. I wonder what they're going to say when these "ethnics" don't behave as promised? And what accusations will be made about why they still vote Liberal?

I hope Harper gets a clue and doesn't let Martin win a majority next time around. That would be too boring.

(* -- well, I'm not really so worried, and I don't mean to paint such a picture of most Conservatives... I'm just poking those that really lost their heads after the last election.)



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