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Eves is Campaigning with Our Dollars

For months -- even years -- there have been complaints about the Harris/Eves PC government's use of the public purse to pay for advertising that promotes them and their party's agenda.

Now, Premier Eves wants to take the process one step further. Next week -- despite a very public outcry (see Kinsella's March 19 entry) -- he wants his finance minister to present a new "budget" from a TV studio instead of the legislature. The (PC) Speaker has called the plan "a gross affront to parliamentary democracy."

What it really is is more advertising with your money.

First of all, the document is not a budget it all. As John Holtby -- editor of Beauchesne's, the parliamentary bible -- says, "A budget is a document that is presented to Parliament."

This document has no legal standing. It is just a speech. But, it is a speech that is going to be staged and broadcast with our money.

Eves' final step will be to call back the legislature so that a Speech from the Throne can be presented. It will be the official set of plans and promises -- not for what that sitting of the legislature will do, since it will be dissolved by the election call, but rather a set of campaign promises.

If Eves wants to start campaigning, he ought to call the election now. That way we can at least be sure that the PC party is paying its own way.

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