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2004 Canadian Blog Awards

As I mentioned a few days ago, Robert McClelland is hosting the 2004 Canadian Blog Awards. You are allowed to vote once daily, through January 15.

I've noticed that several other bloggers have taken to listing who they are voting for. I don't normally write about other blogs here, but why not join in on the fun? To that end, here are my votes, and my reasons:

For Best Blog, I have been voting for Tilting at Windmills. If there could only be one Canadian blog, I'm not sure if I would pick this one. However, TaW does feature two writers who write thoughtful, interesting pieces with depth and originality. Kevin and Ian have different viewpoints, and either one could have a great blog on his own. Together, they produced one of my favourites... Although, I do have to admit that there has a been a bit of a decline over the past months as Kevin and Ian seem busy with other things.

For Best Liberal Blog, I have to vote for Peace, order and good government, eh?. Tireless and passionate defense of liberal values. Plus, Celluci bashing!

I had a harder time for Best Conservative Blog. In the early days, I found a lot of conservative sites to be simply unreadable. In all the build-up to the Iraq war, there was a great deal of asserting, a lot of sneering, but not so much arguing. I think that some of these bloggers who I have avoided probably have opinions I would be interested in reading, but I can't break through the hostility.

Obviously anyone I vote for here would have to have a blog I read from time to time, and that may eliminate some good candidates. I first discovered Mike Brock when he was dissed by Warren Kinsella. Now I like both of them. I voted for Brock in the poll, but Bound by Gravity deserves an honourable mention. Andrew Coyne was good before he went AWOL. I also like Norman Spector, and he provides a valuable service, but I chose to vote for a blog that presents more ideas.

Best Group Blog doesn't even need to be discussed: BlogsCanada: E-Group.

I voted Blamblog for Most Humourous because I enjoy the comics, although Paul Wells actually makes me laugh out loud more often.

James Bow's blog is frequently political, but it earned my vote for Best Non-Political Blog. It's a universal blog, where James writes about any subject of interest, including himself and his fiction projects. I also think he's a classy guy.

I haven't visited many of the candidates for Best New Blog, but I clicked off Sinister Thoughts because I have been impressed by the consistent volume of interesting comments I see over there.

The final category is Best Blog Design. I haven't been bothering to vote, because I don't know who deserves it. Since I've been accused of having the ugliest blog online, I guess you shouldn't be surprised by this.

Overall, I suppose I ought to confess to the pattern that should be obvious: I've voted for a lot of blogs that link to mine! Well... I like to think that it is more about being on the same wavelength rather than a simple payback.

Anyway, there is still another week of voting, so go cast your ballot for whoever you think deserves it.



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