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Garbage Complainers

Sunday's Toronto Star has an editorial complaining about biweekly garbage pick-up in Toronto. To me it reads like a grumpy old man ranting against change -- even change for the better.

The complaint is that because we now have the green bin program and residual garbage collection has been reduced to every second week, we are dealing with a disgusting disaster:

Because this stuff must be disposed of eventually, why must it linger for weeks on every property in Toronto? Porches are rapidly becoming small, faintly whiffy garbage dumps. Walkways are clogged. Do we need this? It's no fun in chilly November. It will be a nightmare come hot, humid August.

Instead, the writer suggests that we should spend tens of millions of dollars to have weekly pick-up of everything. (He even mentions the case of Montreal that has two garbage pick-ups and one recycling pick-up per week as an example we should aspire to, while throwing around city budget numbers that mean nothing in the circumstances.)

Unfortunately, the "reek of garbage piling up on our porches, walkways, lawns and in garages" that the author writes about does not exist. Now that I have a green box, there isn't a single smelly thing that goes into my garbage bag. Besides that, my weekly accumulation of garbage is so small there would be no reason to run a truck by my house every week.

I heard a lot of grumpy old men like this writer complaining on the radio on the day the green box was launched. Nevermind. They will eventually adapt once they realize no-one agrees.



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