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Are they or aren't they?

I'm still not sure how much money Dalton McGuinty says he is giving to the TTC, and reading the Toronto Star isn't really helping me figure it out.


So, maybe you can see where I'm confused.

The money of March 31st was said to be separate from the money of March 30, however as far as I know the City has yet to get any of the March 30 money but did get the March 31 money (in the same amount). The promise on March 30 was for a 5-year commitment, but now we hear that the money reported on March 31 was a "one-time" payment. Nevertheless, the newspaper today says that both the 5-year promise and the gas-tax plan are in effect. Your homework: how much money does the TTC get?

Maybe the above paragraph is unnecessarily complex. But all I want to know is, what's really going on?

And is it Dalton McGuinty who is responsible for confusing me, or is it the Toronto Star?



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