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The York University Busway 2

Back in July, I wrote that the TTC had endorsed a project to build an exclusive busway system from Downsview Station to York University.

Recently, plans to build a new stadium for the Argos on the U of T Varsity Stadium site have fallen through. There is talk that York U may try to put a bid together to have it built on their property. All the more reason to have a good transit link in place.

The goal was to have the busway built by 2006. However, today I read that there is a hold-up... an unexpected one, as far as I'm concerned. Quoting from the Globe and Mail:

The TTC and the university have not agreed on the route the buses would take though the heart of the campus.

Ted Spence, York's senior policy adviser, told reporters that the university has serious reservations about each of the three proposed routes though York the TTC has proposed. Two of the routes pass too closely to buildings and the third runs adjacent to the university's wooded area, he said.

University traffic consultants, who will meet with the TTC this morning, have proposed a compromise, which would have buses leave York on York Boulevard and travel down Keele Street to the new bus lanes.

Did you get that last part? York University wants the TTC to build a dedicated busway from Downsview until it gets near York, at which point the buses should turn onto busy Keele Street and work their way through traffic instead of contaminating university property! What a great way to participate in a project that's aimed at helping their students.

Anyway, The Globe and Mail reports that Gary Carr, TTC chief engineer for operations and planning, said that the TTC hopes that the final design for the project will be finished by mid-2005. I'm not sure what this means for the goal of having the thing up and running for the beginning of classes in September 2006.



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