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The Ninth Inning, September 29 2004, Montréal

UPDATE, Oct 1: I guess I should clarify some things here, like this isn't a picture of me! But, I am in Montreal on business and I was able to catch the last half of the last Expos game. We finished work just before nine, but since we knew it was the last Major League Baseball game to ever be played here, we jumped in a cab and headed to Olympic Stadium.

The guy I was with told me he had been to one of the very first Expos games at Jarry Park, but I had never been at all. So, my only time was from the bottom of the fifth until the end of the final game.

I expected the crowd to be angry, and there was some resentment as evidenced by the photo or the objects that were being thrown on the field at times. But the crowd was mainly sad. They also were surprisingly generous with their applause toward the team in gratitude for their history and their good memories. If it was my team, my feelings would have been more cynical and angry... but I suppose most of the people like me were the ones who didn't bother to come that night.

This was also my first time in Olympic Stadium for any purpose. It doesn't compare to the Tiger Stadium I grew up with, but interestingly it felt like a better place to watch a baseball game than SkyDome. That's pretty sad. What's also sad is that I heard a group of talking heads on TV last night (including John Tory) talking about the Blue Jays needing a new place to play. All I have to say about that is, I don't care what American cities do, we can't spend public money on this.



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