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Don Mills Centre

I was fairly interested to read the discovery that Brent made -- that Don Mills Centre is proposing a transformation from suburban mall to urban centre, complete with mixed uses, and designs that (in the pictures, at least) conform to David Sucher's Three Rules.

A few quick thoughts on the subject:

  • This development reminds me of Jane Jacobs' prediction in Dark Age Ahead. She suggested that in the future, as sprawl becomes too expensive, changes in laws will lead to a densification that transforms suburban areas into more efficient, more productive urban areas.
  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (see previous post) had data on Toronto's population and area before and after amalgamation. The old city of Toronto had a density of 17,668 per square mile. The overall density of Etobicoke, York, North York, East York, and Scarborough worked out to about 9,800 per square mile. If the suburban densities were raised to those of the old city -- which, is more than just "downtown" and includes many fine areas of detached homes -- then we'd be able to fit 4.3 million people into the City of Toronto. I'm not suggesting we do that, but it would certainly cut down on the sprawl problem for a while!
  • This redevelopment fits in quite well with James Bow's future subway lines. The Donway station would be right at the new Don Mills Centre, along a subway that joins the Sheppard line to Union Station via Thorncliffe Park, Donlands Station, Gerrard Square, and the east portlands.



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