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New East York Street Signs

It looks like East York, and probably the rest of the megacity, will be following in the footsteps of Toronto's new street signs.

Last night I noticed one of the new ones. Here it is, followed by a photo of what the East York signs used to look like:

So, it seems like the characteristic Toronto shape -- or at least the new version of it -- is going to be exported to the rest of the city. Regional colour differences are going to be maintained, but obviously the logos of the former cities are being dropped.

Besides the giant print, the other new benefit is that there is now room for numbers to show you where you are on the street.

POSTSCRIPT: If you're interested in this, you'll also want to see here.

UPDATE: And you will also want to read here, where Brent has shown that the new signs are designed for... well... speeders.



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