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TIFF 2004: Local Celebrities

I forgot to mention that last night, after I saw Touch the Sound at the film festival, I had an encounter with some celebrities.

My wife and I were riding our bicycles down Bay Street after the movie -- about 9pm -- when we were passed by a faster cycling couple. The man was grey haired, wearing a helmet marked up with reflective stickers. The woman had flowers in her bike's rear basket. The flew by us and turned west on College. Besides the helmets, they also had lights and made sure to signal everything. They were Jack Layton and Olivia Chow.

Well, I don't know if Layton and Chow had been at a film festival movie. Quite possible. Anyway, photo-blogger extraordinaire Sam Javanrouh had a similar encounter with a local politician last night... one who was out to see a movie at the festival and went home afterwards on modest transportation.



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