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TIFF 2004: Touch The Sound

I saw my first film festival movie tonight, Touch the Sound.

Here's how reviewer Dimitri Eipides described it:

Thomas Riedelsheimer's new film is not only a documentary about the pioneering solo percussionist Evelyn Glennie, but also a poetic investigation of human sensation and communication. Touch the Sound explores the fundamental connections between sound, rhythm, time and the body, and suggests that our sense of hearing can lead us toward a more attentive and meditative experience of the world.

This was a great movie for me to start the festival off with, as I enjoyed it a lot. The sound/rhythm/music that Glennie produced was always interesting, but the movie went beyond that. As much as she was the star of the movie, so was Riedelsheimer. There were excellent segments picking up the environmental sounds of places like Manhattan or the airport in Cologne and mixing them with original cinematography.

It shows again Sunday, September 12 at the Cumberland at 4:45pm.



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