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I'm Back

Well, I'm back from a week's vacation in Kelowna. I was hoping that this week would be the one in which I finally got to experience a bit of summer. It has been lame in Toronto this year and I had heard that Kelowna is hot and sunny. Unfortunately, I brought the cool, mediocre weather with me. Apparently Toronto got to experience some of its warmest temperatures of the year.

Wednesday night I returned to hurricane rains and a leaking roof, not to mention a pile of things to do at the office.

Oh well. Kelowna seems like a nice little town. The air was fresh, if not hot. We enjoyed activities both indoor and out, and were surprised by the quality of restaurants. (Momo Sushi was a good Japanese place. Le Triskell made great crepes. Jampee's was very authentic Thai despite its Westside gas station locale.)

There is a lot of controversy in Kelowna right now over urban planning issues. I hope to get a chance to write about that in the coming days.

POSTSCRIPT: And, no, I didn't see the Prime Minister while I was there. My friend actually was invited to a function he was going to be at, but we decided we had better things to do.



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