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Quick Hits, Volume XVII
  • Kevin Brennan has been on the case of Accenture's consulting and development work for the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Unfortunately, the Harris-era talk of running government like a business doesn't seem to have produced great results. On the other hand, I've heard many stories that suggest this is about the degree of success many businesses attain, as well.
  • Wells and Calgary Grit have responses to the cabinet selections. (As does Warren Kinsella, who doesn't have permalinks.) Looking back on the action standards we established yesterday, Martin seems to be on the borderline. At least Stéphane Dion is in.
  • New blogger Corey Wall has a posting up on the E-Group in which he writes about a Green Party Barbecue he attended on Saturday at leader Jim Harris' house. I don't think that's far from my place, so it's too bad I missed it. Anyway, Corey's post moves into more interesting territory when he talks about the clash between "Blue Greens" and "Deep Greens" over the party's future. Corey describes the Deep Greens as "the traditional activist oriented aspect of the party" while the Blue Greens are "the ones that are geared towards using tax structures and other market mechanisms to push us collectively towards the ideals of the party". Leader Jim Harris' job may be on the line, which I think is unfortunate.
  • Some interesting developments in the Fantino fight, here. Meanwhile Star columnist Ian Urquhart sees things looking up for Fantino, and has hopes for him as a mayoral candidate. Of course, this is the same guy who wrote in October that David Miller was headed for such a sorry defeat in his race for mayor that no one would want him in the provincial NDP.



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