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Giant Garbage Monsters

I was somewhat concerned when I read Christopher Hume discussing the City of Toronto's plan to install 2,500 new 7.5-foot-tall trashbin / billboards on our sidewalks. All the more alarming is the thought that this plan squeaked through a close vote in the works committee based on the support of four councillors who live in places where there aren't many pedestrians.

However, The Armchair Garbageman lays out the pros and cons. Among other things, he links to a PDF file which shows what the things will look like, including on-street mock-ups. Seeing what they really look like is a bit of a relief, because they aren't as huge as I was imagining them. The ads are the same size as transit shelter ads, while the new boxes take up less space on the ground than the current silver trash bins.

That's not to say that I don't wish we could do it without having the ads. I'm sick of ads and would rather pay the (approximately) 0.2% property tax increase to make up that revenue instead. But, for now I feel somewhat relieved that this does not appear to be a disaster-in-the-making. I suppose that, to know for sure, I will have to wait to see them on the street.



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