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Quick Hits, Volume XVI -- Election Follow-Up
  • Brett Lamb has had some great federal election cartoons on his blog recently, all of them with a Toronto focus. This was the latest.
  • Don has declared the NDP to be the losers. I feel that their result is disappointing compared to expectations, but good compared to the recent history of the party. I think their prospects are good because I think they can raise their profile during this government and also send a message about the folly of strategic voting. (After all, anyone who wanted to vote NDP but didn't hurt his or her party without compensation.) Their problem is how well Paul Martin can rehabilitate his own image.
  • Scott Brison's victory-speech-cum-campaign-speech has annoyed some people. I was amazed by how many anti-Harper zingers he could insert in just a few moments. His exchange with Peter MacKay -- on the CBC, just after their victories -- was also entertaining!
  • I was happy to see Iraq-hawk Defence Minister David Pratt defeated. Sadly, I would have rather seen Tony Valeri go down. His seat was one of the ones that the NDP was leading in -- Reuters misreported it -- but in the end Sheila Copps' nemesis hung on.
  • Some good comments from Kevin at Northern Polemics.
  • The Middleman had sex with a gorgeous hooker last night, which is his way of saying he has mixed feelings (skewing negative) about the election result.
  • And he reminds me that Glen Murray lost. From a great mayor, to a potential cabinent minister, to a nobody -- all in a very short time.
  • Ian Welsh says that Paul Martin isn't a good speech maker, and I agree. This was certainly a factor in this election, and isn't a positive was we look forward. Despite last night's success, there's no guarantee that the Liberals have a long-term lock on anything.
  • Since the NDP have had too many close races slip out of their hands, the Liberal-NDP team don't have enough seats to guarantee stability. Nevertheless, I still think this Parliament will last a decent length. I can't imagine circumstances that would make the Bloc want to bring it to an end. The Conservatives would want to pull the plug if they think they could do better, but I don't see signs of them achieving that (without a scandal explosion). And if the Liberals call an new election in the next year or two, I think that would be a sign that their arrogance has hit a new height.
  • All the election results you need are right here.



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