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Vote Efficiency

Some parties' votes are more efficient than others...

  • Liberals: 135 seats on 4,949,570 votes: 36,663 votes per seat won
  • Conservatives: 99 seats on 3,993,892 votes: 40,342 votes per seat won
  • Bloc Quebecois: 54 seats on 1,669,978 votes: 30,926 votes per seat won
  • NDP: 19 seats on 2,116,372 votes: 111,388 votes per seat won
  • Green Party: no seats on 580,702 votes

I'm surprised by how close the Liberals, Conservatives and Bloc are on this score. I thought the Bloc would be much better and the Conservatives much worse.

These numbers, though, are rather rough for the NDP and the Green Party. No wonder both are such strong proponents of proportional representation.



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