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Forthcoming Book by John Sewell: A New City Agenda

Today I attended the 2004 Ideas That Matter at U of T. The focus was Jane Jacobs' new book, Dark Age Ahead and the other speakers were Martin Wolf of the Financial Times, Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Lucas of the University of Chicago, Henry Mintzberg, McGill management professor, Allan Jacobs, urban designer, from Berkeley, Marsha Hewitt, social ethics and religion professor at Trinity College, and Norman Wirzba, Chair of Philosophy at Georgetown College (KY).

It was a very interesting day, but sitting in Hart House and then going to work afterwards was exhausting, so I won't be writing about it tonight.

Nevertheless, the program had an interesting advertisement that I thought I ought to pass along. It's about a new book by former Toronto Mayor John Sewell, on a subject that this blog frequently touches on:

A New City Agenda, by John Sewell

While Canadians have quickly recognized the importance of healthy cities in their own lives and communities, governments have lagged far behind. In A New City Agenda, journalist and former mayor John Sewell answers the question, what would a new deal for cities look like? He articulates a new vision for Canada's largest urban regions and the implementation of required changes in social services, public education, settlement, health, housing, policing, land use and governance.

Publication date: July 2004

Published by Zephyr Press for Ideas That Matter

I'm looking forward to it.

You can find an index of John Sewell's columns for eye here. I once wrote a piece titled The Implications of John Sewell's New Deal.

And for a recent interesting discussion, let me refer you to this article by James Bow.



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