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Conservative Position on the Toronto Port Authority

After what I heard about Conservative candidate David Watters' position, I wrote and asked for a clarification. Could be important since there is a real chance of a Harper government. Here's what they've sent me, which they've permitted me to post here:

Some comments from the CPC and Stephen Harper, it's pretty clear where we stand on the issue.

Stephen Harper has clearly stated that he considers the bridge issue dead, because council and the people of Toronto have spoken.

They elected David Miller on a no bridge platform. Council has voted against the bridge. A Conservative government would have no interest in funding or imposing a project on Toronto that the city is against.

The Conservative party respects the jurisdiction of other levels of government. While the liberals have seen fit to go around the city and the TWRC in announcing projects and not consulting the city, a conservative government would respect the mandate and role of the TWRC and the city in redevelopment plans and activities.

Our party does not have an offical position in this area (power generation in the port lands). However, I believe any power generation taking place on those lands should be in keeping with the spirit of renewal that all Torontonians hope to aceive in the port lands. The TWRC and the city should have the authority to make that determination.

We would expect the TPA to live up to their obligations and act responsibly.

We are aware of this (that the port of Toronto does not qualify for the National Port designation because the tonnage shipped per annum is far below the national quota), which is the reason why it would be a good idea to review the status of the port of Toronto. We are certainly prepared to review the matter.

The ultimate authority for the TPA is the Minister of Transport and those who are appointed to it. A change in government means a change in the operations of the port authority.

David Black
Campaign Manager
David Watters Campaign
Trinity Spadina Conservative Party of Canada

Also interesting is this newsletter from Community Air. Scroll down to "Why Does Toronto Need a Federal Port Authority?



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