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Quick Hits, Volume XII

Pretty busy today, so I have to resort to the short lines again. Apparently some people prefer it, anyway.

  • For tonight, there is a Great Debate Drinking Game, over on the BlogsCanada E-Group. I think James Bow is the author. Anyway, now all we need is an open thread for live comments!
  • Remember, if you don't have a TV, or if you live in a far-off land, you can still join in on the fun of watching this debate. It is simulcast on the CPAC website, in the language of your choice.
  • New Canadian blogs are everywhere, which is great. A couple years ago there weren't very many, and the few that existed rarely wrote about Canadian stuff. Of course, BlogsCanada has the directory of over 8000 Canadian blogs, so that's where you need to get registered.
  • Here are two that I never saw before today: Points of Information and Lee's Truly Canadian Musings. Lee apparently lives in my future riding, among several other Toronto-Danforth bloggers. Points of Information has something of interest to T-Ders, among others elsewhere.
  • The Great Waterfront All Party Debate (link PDF), is on tomorrow, at 6:30. I'm hoping some blogger writes it up, because I'm planning to be at my (current) riding's debate, which will be held at Upper Canada College, 7:30pm.
  • Coyne slams the Liberals for handing cash over to Ford, and simultaneously slams the Conservatives for not promising to ditch these same subsidies. (In fact, watching the French debate with one eye and listening through the translators, I think I also heard Harper sound pretty wishy-washy on the issue of Bombardier subsidies.) Anyway, I really dislike corporate subsidies too. But what do you do when some other jurisdiction is ready to pony up the cash? Subsidies are a bad distortion to the market, but can you ignore the fact that it is already distorted by others' subsidies?
  • Some Toronto hip-hop artists have written a rap to help reduce gun violence in Toronto. If this Toronto Star article is to be believed, it has already helped some people have a second thought.
  • Today, Adam Radwanski (who needs permalinks) mentions that some Liberal campaigns are running out of money.



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