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Quick Hits, Volume X

All federal election stuff, including some local things:

  • The Harbourfront Community Association will be hosting a debate to discuss the various parties' positions on the Toronto Waterfront. This will be on June 16, 6:30pm at the outdoor stage at Harbourfront. This talk is being coordinated by community associations all along the waterfront, from Etobicoke to Scarborough, and each party (including the Greens) will be free to nominate their best champion.
  • Unfortunately, this means I will have to choose, because the St. Paul's candidates' debate is also on June 16, at Upper Canada College.
  • My blogging MP, Dr. Carolyn Bennett, links to this Toronto Star editorial on the issue of the island airport issue. (This was a couple days before Martin's more concilliatory letter to the Mayor.) She's eager to express her opinion that the City of Toronto should be on the hook for any costs related to the cancellation. What she doesn't deal with are questions about whether the Port Authority incurred costs recklessly in its haste to make the bridge a fait accompli before the municipal election. The City is willing to pay costs, but the TPA was/is (?) refusing to make them public.
  • The latest poll (link PDF), from Ekos, shows that Conservative support is inversely proportional to education. High school grads: 36%, College grads: 35%, University grads: 31%
  • The NDP is reversed. HS: 16%, College: 20%, University: 21%
  • Looking at the News on the NDP website, I see a lot of focus on Stephen Harper. I can't think of a worse strategy. Layton has to remember: his real competition is the Liberals. It is mostly Liberal voters he can hope to win over, and it is mostly to the Liberals that he can lose votes. Focusing on Harper's negatives only makes things worse, especially if left-leaners get scared into an anybody-but-Harper stance. Layton should focus entirely on "Martin = Harper".
  • I almost thought this "Letter from David Herle" was real.
  • If you are worried about a Conservative-Bloc government, Gilles Duceppe has made his demands. On the downside, the CBC says he "has made support for the province's aerospace industry a make-or-break condition for the party's backing of a minority government". On the upside, the Bloc would oppose: Ending Canada's involvement with the Kyoto Protocol on climate change; Any attempt to block gay marriages; Plans to weaken official languages protection; Moves to restrict a woman's right to an abortion. And it is not stated in the article, but obviously the Bloc would have stopped Harper from sending us into Iraq. All in all, it sounds like most of the scary things that the Liberals are warning us about could never happen in a CPC-BQ arrangement.

Have a good weekend.



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