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Barbarians at the City Gate?

The CBC has posted an article that reports Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell coming out in anybody-but-Harper mode. He says people who care about what happens to cities shouldn't vote for Harper.

The CBC quotes him as:

"I mean we're talking traditional right-wing government. That's the barbarians at the gate. It's unthinkable that we would go back. I mean he wants to take us back to the 50s."

In this statement, Campbell can only be talking about social conservatism. Certainly, issues like same-sex marriage take on more relevance in the urban environment, so there is an argument to be made that Harper and cities may be a bad mix.

However, he then goes on to accuse Harper to be bad news in terms of a better deal for cities. Martin and Layton have promised to transfer 5 cents per litre from the gas tax to municipal governments, whereas Harper has only promised to transfer 3 cents, and to the provinces.

Toronto Mayor David Miller was more diplomatic. He's quoted as saying "Mr. Harper has some time left to change their platform. I hope he does. I hope he reconsiders."

My own thoughts on what a Stephen Harper government would mean for Canadian cities are here, with more details here.



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