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Dept. of Throwing Stones (Glass Houses Division)

Just making a late night check of the net to see what's new, and I come across these two independent points.

First I check and read:

One source tells Bourque a new Lib attack ad is about to be unleashed, featuring "an aircraft carrier, troops in the desert, a handgun, a woman lying huddled in a corner, and a burning Canadian flag". Heart-warming, no ?

Which I assume is probably an attack that will focus on Stephen Harper's Iraq record.

Then, my very next click is the Globe and Mail which leads with this headline:

Canada may dip toe into Iraq quagmire

Martin leaves door open to possible Canadian involvement if NATO ask for it

The Liberals sure have had trouble this year coming up with attack points that don't come right back at them. Probably has something to do with Paul Martin's desire to be all things to all people. But, guess what... winning 250 seats doesn't sound very likely anymore.



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