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Quick Hits, Volume IX

I've been busy and sick, so blogging has been light. Here are a few things that caught my attention recently.


  • That was great hockey, and I loved watching it. Too bad about the Flames, though. What I did realize through watching these games was that the hopes of Maple Leaf fans were unrealistic. These two final teams were both so much stronger than Toronto that our Leafs would have been swept.
  • And if there is a salary cap in the NHL next year, does that mean any potential spending advantage that Toronto has will be eliminated? They should have bought a cup while they had the chance!

Federal election...

  • A recent poll in Windsor shows the Conservatives threatening in 2 of 3 seats in the region. This is remarkable (and perhaps just bad polling). The Conservatives haven't won federally in the area in about 50 years. One of the ridings in question is my old one, Windsor West. Currently it has an NDP incumbent, and was Herb Gray's riding forever. (I can't find a link anymore, and it seems to have been purged from the website. It is mentioned here.)
  • I'm working on a separate posting to deal with some Toronto-specific election issues.


  • John Barber's column today was the first I heard about an audacious new plan by the CAA that would build expressways all over the city, including one in Lake Ontario just offshore from the Toronto Beaches and Scarborough Bluffs. I don't know whether to be more amazed by their political ineptitude or by the stupidity of thinking this would be an effective solution. Toronto CAA members, if you don't want your fees used for this sort of lobbying, I suggest you cancel your membership. Here's one alternative.

UPDATE: Here's one guy's take on the Offshore Gardiner extension. The CAA's plan is available online in PDF format. Here is their press release.



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