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Which Party Offers the Best Deal for Cities?

The Toronto Star today produced an editorial that judges the Liberal plan for cities to be the best of the bunch.

Unfortunately, the logic they use to come to that conclusion is a bit suspect.

The Star describes each of the parties, and tosses out the Conservatives for not having a plan at all. Fair enough.

However, here is how the Star describes -- and dismisses -- the NDP's plan:

New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton has promised more and faster service than the Liberals, including immediately giving cities five cents a litre from fuel taxes, and $1.7 billion for housing. But the value of a promise depends on the likelihood that it will be carried out. And Layton is far less likely to deliver his deal given the NDP's traditional low standing in the polls and his other exuberant spending plans.

Shorter TorStar: The NDP has a plan that is better for cities than the Liberals', however they're not going to win so they don't count.

That sort of argument certainly defeats the whole purpose of writing an editorial about any particular plan or policy point, doesn't it?



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