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Quick Hits, Volume VII: Weekend Edition
  • Paul is Canadian
  • Radwanski (May 30 -- no permalinks yet) mentions the poor lawn-sign performance of the Liberals, and some possible reasons for it. In my recent travels, a lawn-sign count would have the Liberals losing St. Paul's (Cline over Bennett), Trinity-Spadina (Chow over Ianno), and Toronto-Danforth (Layton over Mills), but hanging on to Toronto Centre-Rosedale (Graham). However, I think St. Paul's is probably safe.
  • This weekend was Doors Open in Toronto. I almost forgot. I think Doors Open is a great idea, but I haven't taken advantage of it much since the first year. Anyway, on Sunday, I made a point of heading down to McCaul Street to see the Ontario College of Art and Design's new Sharp Centre for Design. It was Kunstler's Eyesore of the Month for November 2003, and I didn't like the idea of it much when it was first proposed, but I do like the finished product. Inside was cool, but not as remarkable as it seems from the street.
  • On Saturday, I rode my bike out on the Leslie Street Spit. It was such a beautifully clear day, I could see New York... not to mention great views of downtown. I explored some off-the-main-road areas. Now I know what sea gulls do when they aren't working. After spending a few hours downtown working the crowds, they retreat to the spit for some R&R. Lots of other birds out there, although I can't name them. Certainly saw lots of Canada geese and red-wing blackbirds.
  • Later that night I was watching the hockey game. During a commercial I flipped over to Newsworld to see the opening of Andrew Munger's documentary about David Miller's campaign for mayor. I saw myself right away, which inspired me to keep watching! All in all, though, I wasn't terribly impressed. The film was only about 40 minutes, and it felt like much of the drama of the race was missed. It was pretty thin, and the best part about it was seeing myself twice.
  • Sunday I was at Christie Pits and saw the Toronto Maple Leafs take on Stratford. I left in the 6th after Rob Butler belted a two-run homer to right, putting the Leafs ahead 10-2. I was sufficiently sunburnt. There will be a double header next week, 1pm, and another double header on June 20 to make up for last Sunday's rainout, also starting at 1pm.

UPDATE: I should check my own links and make sure they point to what I think they point to. Anyway, the "Paul is Canadian" link is now corrected. Apologies to confused readers earlier in the day.



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