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Quick Hits, Volume V

All about the federal election. What else?

  • I don't think Layton's remarks about homelessness and Paul Martin's culpability represent a gaffe, nor are they beyond the pale. I'm not yet convinced that he is right, but I feel this is a legitimate line of debate, with potential to be effective.
  • Besides Martin, the other candidate complaining about the inappropriateness of some lines of debate is Stephen Harper. POGGe covers this quite well.
  • Here in my riding -- St. Paul's -- a count of the election signs would seem to indicate considerable new strength for the Conservatives. I've never seen so many blue signs here, despite the weakness of the Tory candidate.
  • Oh, St. Paul's also has a number of signs (on public property) for Jack Layton. How many ridings is he running in?!? Apparently this guy is the real candidate.
  • The Liberals must be scared with the latest poll results. The numbers in Ontario are 40-35-22.
  • The same poll suggests that support for the Bloc Québécois is solid, that Jack Layton is doing a good job, and nothing is hated more than Dalton McGuinty's latest budget.
  • Paul Martin is expected to announce money for municipalities today.
  • Disgruntled Liberal blogger Warren Kinsella is extending an olive branch to his party (May 28) -- after earlier advising us to "Choose Change". His price seems to be reaffirmation of the Clarity Act and the principles of a united Canada. Personally, I would find a death-bed conversion to be a bit late for these Liberals, but perhaps Kinsella doesn't really want to see the patient actually die.



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