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The Bow James Bow Election Pool -- Early Guess

The problem with political junkies is that even though they are interested in debate over the issues, they also get excited about the horse race.

Anyway, over on the BlogsCanada E-Group Election Blog, I have entered my guess in The Bow James Bow Election Pool:

  • Liberals, 138
  • Conservatives, 100
  • Bloc Québécois, 47
  • NDP, 23

I'm not very confident about this, but that's why it's called a guess. The wildcards for me are how well the Bloc is going to hold its strength, and whether or not Harper can break through in 905 and Eastern Ontario.

There is still time for you to get in the poll, too. In fact, James is accepting two rounds of guesses -- one in the first two weeks of the election, and one after the leaders' debate.



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