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Election Notes

Paul is Canadian

Saw Paul Martin speaking from Saint John yesterday, and he sounded exactly like a certain famous Molson advertisement.

Harper's reply: "Ladies and gentlemen, waste, mismanagement and corruption are not Canadian values. Being Canadian does not mean being Liberal and thatís why the next Canadian government wonít be a Liberal government."

However, while not being "Canadian values", public health care and education certainly are very popular with Canadians. If Harper truly convinces the voters that we can trust him to preserve these, then Martin is really in trouble.

Gilles Duceppe

Gilles Duceppe looked very weak to me. Of course, I'm not a Quebecker, and I saw him speaking English. Nevertheless, if he is unimpressive it could open the door for Martin to retain some of the threatened Quebec Liberal seats -- which would have huge implications.

On the other hand, POGGe has pointed out that Duceppe has his own opportunity to take on the new Liberals.

Local Issues

Kevin Brennan has put together a good list of issues for this campaign. Although he mentions Toronto's economy, he doesn't mention local issues as, well, an issue.

I don't really know whether or not local issues have much significance to voters across the country, but in my own experience they have been coming together to reflect on the overall character of this government.

I have never been able to personally relate to the feeling -- voiced mainly in the west -- that the federal Liberals' regime is an unproductive waster of funds, that produces little by way of local value, except for their friends. I still haven't adopted this belief, but taking a look at Toronto issues -- like the Pork Authority and the perpetual reannouncing of money that never comes -- gets me a lot closer.

The Campaigners

Radwanski (May 25 - still no permalinks) asks us to be patient and kind to the idealistic and optimistic folks that are canvassing door-to-door for the various candidates. He's right. From my experience, it's not easy -- although, if you are considering doing it, it actually isn't as difficult as you might fear. On the other hand, when I was canvassing, I was lucky enough to be doing it for an election that people were interested in, in a neighbourhood where people were paying attention, and in a city where people control their dogs.

No one answered their door naked.

Party Websites

The Conservatives and the NDP have launched their new websites. Liberals have the same one.

The Conservatives have a pretty flattering picture of Stephen Harper... which looks fake when you compare it to other photos. He's been thinned down and made younger.

The Liberals' site features a goofy photo of Paul Martin staring into a microscope



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