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First Election Flyer

Just received my first document of the election -- a flyer titled "Re-elect Carolyn Bennett". She's my (blogging) Liberal MP here in St. Paul's.

Her flyer is entirely comprised of endorsements under the banner "Experience. Leadership. Results." There are also three photos, featuring her paired with City Councillor Michael Walker, Albert Wiggan of Albert's Real Jamaican Foods, and former Israeli PM Shimon Peres.

She uses her supporters' statements to suggest both her qualities and the causes with which she'd like to be associated. On the front side, her stand against "Canadian participation in a Washington-led invasion of Iraq" is highlighted, and on the back she "speak[s] out about the need for more women in politics".

There's not much here to persuade me that any of the sorts of changes I'd like to see in Ottawa are likely if the Libs are reelected. It's like saying: we're going to be just like the previous governments except for in those ways in which Martin has repudiated/avoided Chretien's decisions. Of course, since the election call hasn't happened yet there is still hope that Martin might unveil something, right?

By the way, is this sort of explicit electioneering legal before the call?



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