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What's Dalton Got to Say About It?
Part of the recent debate about the recent federal budget revolves around the budget's lack of support for Canada's cities. It's an issue of serious importance here in Toronto.Many are speaking on this issue today. Whether or not the federal government failed miserably in this budget, or simply didn't act to solve problems that lie in the province's jurisdication, this is clearly a big issue in Ontario with implications for the upcoming provincial election. So then, why doesn't Dalton McGuinty try to win some momentum here? It seems like the time is ripe, from a political strategy point of view, for him to reassure the restless. Some people are feeling that the situation is fairly bleak. Seems like a good opportunity for Dalton to get his face on TV. He does have a plan. It's time for him to show us what his plan can do, and fill this void.

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