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The Mansions of Forest Hill

I am going to be moving soon, but for the past 8 years I've lived in apartment buildings that haven't been too far from Forest Hill and Rosedale. Being a runner, and someone who usually walks or cycles to work, I've gotten to know these wealthy neighbourhoods quite well.

When I first saw these great mansions, I thought they were mostly old buildings. But I've noticed -- by observing the neverending demolition, expansion and reconstruction -- that many of these are new houses, built to look like classics.

Oddly, it seems that if you find a modern house in Forest Hill it is quite likely older than the giant, but traditional, mansions that surround it. I wonder why? Is modernism (or, actually, anything modern enough to have been designed in the past 100 years) simply and completely "out of style"? Or is it that today's CEOs don't have the same sort of intellectual mindset that once lead them to the avant garde?



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