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A Small, and Dated, Peeve

During the municipal election, I listened to a lot of 680 News. I found their coverage to be somewhat biased in favour of the conservative candidate John Tory. It was annoying, but didn't surprise me much. Many media outlets allow their opinions to carry over into their news coverage.

However, a couple weeks ago we found out that John Tory "continued in the employment" of Rogers -- which owns 680.

It doesn't bother me to know that Tory earned more than a million bucks while he was on the campaign trail. (Well, it doesn't bother me any more than any other over-paid executive... I don't blame Tory himself.)

What does annoy me, however, is the conflict of interest that 680 apparently took no steps to address. Indeed, their policy seemed to be a Tory sound bite every ten minutes, with a word about the other candidates only when they were shooting each other down or making a gaffe.

Can't they even try to be journalists? If they must be biased, why don't they write a blog, instead?



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