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Go Leafs Go

No, not those Leafs. They're finished. And while it was fun jumping on the bandwagon, it seems that this just wasn't their year. (Go Flames!)

No, I'm talking about the Maple Leafs of the Intercounty Baseball League. Their season opener is set for this coming Sunday, May 9, at 2pm. The games are at Christie Pits and the admission price is... free! (That's quite a bit less than it would cost you to see those other Leafs!) Feel free to spend some cash on the raffle, however.

I've been aware of the team for years, but this past season was the first time I ever caught a game. It was fun, and I ended up enjoying several of them. It's great to sit on the grass on a sunny day and watch these minor leaguers (and former major leaguers) play ball.

I haven't been able to find anything about this year's Opening Day... but in the past I've heard that there are MLB Hall of Famers on hand to sign autographs and meet with you. I remember names like Bob Feller, Robin Roberts, and Fergie Jenkins.

Here's an interesting article about the league that includes some info of who the Leafs will be featuring this year.



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