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Miller's First Gaffe

When my wife turned on the radio this morning, we heard reporting about David Miller's first gaffe of his mayoralty.

He was caught on tape saying -- to the mayor of London, England -- "Is your police force in jail? Mine is."

Well, that's not very smart. The hard right in Toronto hasn't had much of substance to grab on to David Miller about, but the one thing they have been trying to make stick is the idea that he isn't handling the police file well.

He's accused, by one or two councillors and a certain city tabloid, of being anti-cop and pro-crime. They've been having a hard time since Miller acted quickly to set up some programs in an attempt to reduce gang crime, and since this last budget actually increased police funding by a record amount. But this little comment just might help them a little bit.

Then again, it might not. After all, today's Toronto Star leads with "Mobsters brag of officer in pocket".

Additionally, it's important to keep this in context. The radio didn't mention, but the National Post did, that Miller made this private comment to Robert Finch after their news conference that was supposed to be "about ties between Toronto and London became a grilling on police corruption".

If anything, I think the comment should be criticized not as anti-police, but rather because the cop-crime problem we're uncovering right now isn't a joking matter.

But overall, it would be better if the Mayor didn't get caught making any more statements he might regret later.



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