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Dennis Mills Cries "Save Our Waterfront"

Warren Kinsella remarked that Dennis Mills is doing a smart job getting his signs up in Toronto-Danforth.

If you haven't been in that area, there are huge signs up all over that read "Dennis Mills -- Save Our Waterfront", with a picture of Mills in front of an surreally-coloured green and blue background.

The title of Mills' website has the same text: "Dennis Mills -- Save Our Waterfront". And the more I think about it, the stranger it seems to me.

"Save Our Waterfront"? Is it in danger? Who's threatening it? The only potential menace I can think of is the federal agency (and Mills offspring) Toronto Port Authority. They're still promising to build a bridge and expand the island airport.

Blogger James Bow recently wrote to Dennis Mills and asked him his position on the bridge. Mills had a very clear reply:

Dear Mr. Bow

Thank you for your letter.

I have said NO to the Bridge and I continue to say NO.

Thank you for writing.

Dennis Mills

Now, if the public statements of Dennis Mills and Paul Martin actually mean anything, then it is the official public policy of the Government of Canada that there should be no bridge to the island airport. If so, there are only two conclusions that could be drawn. Either...

  • In insisting that they will build a bridge, the federal agency known as the Toronto Port Authority is acting against the wishes of both the Government of Canada and the residents of Toronto. It ought to be terminated immediately.
  • Or, Paul Martin and Dennis Mills are actually lying, and their official public policy doesn't reflect what they actually want and pursue. In which case, it is them who ought to be terminated... although we'll have to wait some time to do it.

Folks interested in getting to the bottom of this might be interested in reading this flyer from Community Air, that discusses the feds, Mills and their record on this issue. It's a large-ish PDF, but features a nice photo of MP Mills.

Anyway, good luck to Mr. Mills in turning over a new leaf. It is never too late, right?



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