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Harper's New Ads

There are new ads online for the Conservative Party (via Paul Wells). These ads all feature Stephen Harper speaking to the camera from a book-lined office.

I think the ads are generally good, and have some potential to achieve their apparent goal: branding the Conservatives as the party of accountable, responsible government.

Some random comments:

  • The slogan "Demand Better" seems to be a good one. I think the Conservatives can appeal to more people -- disgruntled Liberal voters -- by focusing on how they would provide better governance and management, rather than on empasizing policy differences.
  • Differing from the commentator on Paul Wells' site, I like how Harper ends with "My name is Stephen Harper." To me, it sounds more like a proud affirmation than a weak introduction.
  • I don't understand much French, but Harper seems to have a different personality in the French ad. He frowns, uses his hands, speaks more forcefully and seems more serious. He presents a smiling, soft-spoken face to Anglos.
  • The French tagline "C'est Assez" -- That's Enough -- is also more aggressive.
  • And in French, Harper has a bit more content, including something about "working with the provinces".
  • I think it is a mistake for all the ads to look the same -- same setting, same camera movements. People get bored of ads they've seen before and this will just make people get bored quicker.
  • Bad hair, dude.

I don't watch a lot of TV, so I haven't seen the recent Martin ads yet. But they are probably online somewhere.



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