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Domi Problems and Jako Junkets

Game 7 in the Toronto-Ottawa series is tonight, and a Leaf star is featured on the front page of many newspapers. But not for the reasons he would like...

Tie Domi is right in the middle of the latest bombshell from the inquiry into Toronto's computer leasing scandal.

Great detective work by the inquiry team has lead to big revealations in the past -- Tom Jakobek's lies about a trip to a hockey game, Jeffery Lyons' secret files, etc. -- and it has produced a new one, revealed yesterday. Here are the details, from today's Globe and Mail:

...concentrating on events following [MFP salesman and hockey brother Dash] Domi's first big payday in October, 1999, when he banked initial commission payments of more than $94,000 for winning a big leasing contract with the city.

On Nov. 1, Mr. Domi withdrew $25,000 in cash from his bank -- 25 $1,000 bills, according to the withdrawal slip. Later, he phoned Mr. Jakobek at City Hall and made two calls to lobbyist Jeffery Lyons. At 4:45 p.m., he phoned Mr. Jakobek again. Two minutes later, he entered the City Hall parking garage beneath Nathan Phillips Square. Thirteen minutes after that, he left.

One day later, Mr. Jakobek prepaid a family trip to Disney World with a $13,762.24 charge on his American Express card. Then on Nov. 3, two days after Mr. Domi's quick visit to City Hall, Mr. Jakobek made four separate payments on the same card -- on the same day -- for $3,700, $4,000, $6,000 and $7,300, totalling $21,000.

Another circumstance that commission counsel took pains to demonstrate is that, as of November, 1999, money-laundering law required financial institutions to report all cash transactions greater than $10,000. And that, according to cellphone experts, all those calls placed on the afternoon of Nov. 1 were conversations, not voice-mail messages. And that, according to the evidence Mr. Domi left in the form of a $1.50 parking charge on his expense account, he left the garage by the Chestnut Street exit, the one closest to City Hall.

Valiantly battling inferences, Mr. Domi testified that he gave the money to his famous brother Tie on the same day he withdrew it -- the latter's 30th birthday -- in payment of previous loans. Tie Domi is expected to corroborate the story when he testifies. As for Mr. Jakobek, he has filed an affidavit saying he got the money from his father-in-law, who "has been a generous source of funds throughout the years, in relation to the purchase of our splendid home. . . ."

The Globe also has more details here, and the Toronto Star here.

Given that all parties involved already have a record of dishonesty in this affair, I suppose we all have legitimate reasons to be suspicious. The only thing that even makes me stop and think is that fact that it really was Tie Domi's birthday. He was born November 1, 1969, in my hometown.

But on that note, what about the Leafs? If his brother is being falsely accused, that's one form of stress. On the other hand, if Dash is a liar and Tie is considering his options, I hope he doesn't forget the inquiry's proven detection abilities.

The Leafs -- other than Belfour -- haven't been very impressive so far. But without a fully-functioning Tie Domi, they're probably toast. Let's hope he's good at putting these investigations out of his mind, for the time being.



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