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The Spirit of Ontario

Add Rochester, NY to the list of cities that can't stand the Toronto Port Authority. That makes two.

Today's Rochester Democrat and Chronicle has a critical article about the TPA's tardiness in making local arrangements for the future transborder ferry.

So far there is neither a permanent nor a temporary terminal to meet folks arriving on The Spirit of Ontario. The original launch date was to be less than a month from now, but, luckily for the TPA, that's been delayed due to an accident the ferry had in transit from Australia.

In a statement that should sound very familiar to those who were interested in the bridge to the island airport, Port Authority CEO Lisa Raitt promised the newspaper that construction will begin "fairly soon".

Although there's been a lot of investment for this project on the American side, Rochester newspaper readers have now seen several articles painting a grim picture of the situation here in Toronto.

All parties mentioned in today's newspaper seem to be quite disappointed -- except, of course, Lisa Raitt who attributed the delays to problems trying to find someone else to pay for it all.

What I want to know is this: Why hasn't Dennis Mills stepped in to save the day? The TPA is his baby and he has already gone off and saved the waterfront on his own. This farce is perfect for him. It's even his riding.



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