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McGuinty Talks Garbage

Today's Toronto Star has some good, sensible news from Dalton McGuinty about garbage in Ontario.

Richard Brennan reports:

Ontario will need more garbage dumps even though the province is working toward a goal of recycling 60 per cent of its waste, Premier Dalton McGuinty says.


McGuinty said that his government is moving to review the environmental assessment review process with a goal of reducing the time it takes to approve landfill sites.

McGuinty also suggested that there will be provincial funding to help municipalities reach the goal of diverting 60 per cent of Ontario's garbage by 2008.

This week, the Liberal government introduced legislation to put an end to a proposal to turn Adams Mine near Kirkland Lake into a landfill site for Toronto's garbage.

All of which I think are the right moves, and appropriate things for the province to be doing.

This McGuinty government seems to be rising from its low point. They are showing regular signs of being an improvement from the Harris-Eves days. That's faint praise, I know, but it's more than I could say a 2-3 months ago.



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