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Martin Squeezed

Paul Wells had a brief posting up today about Jack Layton continuing to pick on Stephen Harper. He's following up on last week's over-the-top accusations by Harper that the NDP is as dangerous to Canada as the separatists, challenging the new Conservative leader to debate.

The more I hear about Layton's maneuvers, the more I think he is going to have a very fun, strong campaign -- notwithstanding the shortcomings. That means Paul Martin may be facing two effective leaders. It actually might have been easy for Martin to beat one strong opponent by stretching the other way, but with these contenders I think it will be a real challenge for him to avoid losing too much on the two flanks.

I can't imagine how this next election will fail to be anything but the most interesting since 1988. (Not that I remember that one very well.)

Now for something off-topic... Toronto New Dealers may be interested in reading this Paul Wells article about David Miller. It's a week old but I just noticed it today.



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