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Cellucci: Shape Up Your Attitude

Paul Cellucci, US Ambassador, has the following message for Canadians: He recognizes that our government, military and police organizations "get it" when it comes to terrorism, but you citizens aren't as concerned as you should be.

So, in short, Cellucci says Canadian citizens have the wrong attitude but our government is doing many of the right things.

Well, I'm not sure I agree, but you have to admit... it's better than the opposite: in the United States it's the government that has the wrong attitude and does many of the wrong things in addressing the threat of terrorism. Matthew Yglesias has it covered, at TAP. (Link via Kevin Drum.)

What it all comes down to, by the way, is Iraq. Cellucci and Bush must be concerned about Americans rendering the same judgment the Spaniards have: the Iraq war was misguided and made us much more vulnerable to terrorism, not less.



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