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Comments, Finally

I have finally decided to add a commenting feature to this website. The readers who do email me seem to have pretty interesting things to say, so I thought I ought to make it easier to speak out.

I suppose I have been reluctant to add commenting because:

  • I've been afraid it will slow the loading of this page
  • Since I don't run Moveable Type, the comments have to be hosted by an outside service, and are therefore vulnerable to being lost

But that's just silly. If the comments take too long to load, I can remove them. And if HaloScan loses the comments database... oh well.

So, here they are. Have fun.

As for old posts, they will have space for comments when I get around to republishing those pages. But since this blog is only partially automated, it may be a long time until I do that.

UPDATE: It seems that Haloscan comments are only temporary. So, any interesting things people say in the comments section eventually disappear.



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