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De-Amalgamation of Ontario Municipalities

I received an email today from Donna Olivieri, the Secretary of the Committee to Free Flamborough.

Flamborough is a community that was forcibly amalgamated into Hamilton by Mike Harris. Donna wrote to me after hearing about this blog's criticism of Toronto's amalgamation from another activist who works for R.O.C.K. (Responsible Organization of Chatham-Kent). Donna's organization is working to reverse the amalgamation imposed on their community. Apparently they have already submitted a petition to Queen's Park with over 12,000 signatures, which she tells me represents "over 50% of [their] voting population".

Personally, I think it may be too late to de-amalgamate the City of Toronto. That's not to say that there couldn't be reforms and improvements made to the way this City operates, but I've accepted the megacity as an unfortunate, but done, deal.

Apparently, however, there are several organizations in Ontario working to undo what was done to them. Donna forwarded me an interesting press release from VOCO (Voices of Central Ontario) that criticizes the McGuinty government for reneging on a promise to respect a plebiscite passed on November 10 calling for de-amalgamation of the City of Kawartha Lakes. News coverage of that story is here.

McGuinty made a promise regarding Toronto's situation during the fall election campaign, too.

In any case, I understand that Ontario de-amalgamationists are planning a conference for May. If you are interested, I suggest you email Keith Hipkins, keihip(at)mnsi(dot)net.



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