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Budget Consultations in Other Cities

Looks like Toronto isn't the only place to be holding public consultations on the municipal budget. In a Vancouver community centre today I saw a notice for a process here called City Choices 2004. The city needs to find a way to close a $25 million gap between revenues and what's required to maintain services.

A couple days ago my Dad emailed me to let me know that the City of Windsor is having a process called the People Based Budget. There will be "Town Hall Meetings" in each of the city's 5 wards. New mayor Eddie Francis says he wants the community's help in determining how to close a $17.3 million shortfall.

The background document (PDF) put together by the City of Windsor is pretty good and explains each major item in the budget. Although Toronto's documentation has been well done, there were a few things handled better here.

I'm sure there must be events happening elsewhere. If you're interested, check your city's municipal website and see if they have anything planned.



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