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John Tory Wants to Rehabilitate Urban PCs

Because of my involvement with the Toronto municipal election, my website gets a lot of hits from people searching to read about John Tory. I haven't had much reason to say anything about him recently, but it is beginning to look like he is serious about trying to get Ernie Eves' job.

While at the Ontario Progressive Conservatives convention in Niagara Falls, John Tory laid down one plank in his leadership platform. As reported in the Toronto Star, Tory said that his party needs to get a clue when it comes to dealing with cities. Well, those are my words. Here's how it was reported:

The Ontario Progressive Conservative party must become attuned to the needs of cities like Toronto if it is ever to form government again, says potential leadership candidate John Tory.

"This party has to renew itself. It has to look at why we lost every single seat virtually in urban Ontario. It has to look at why people stayed home," Tory said yesterday.

Speaking with reporters at the party's policy convention here, the runner-up to Mayor David Miller in the Nov. 10 Toronto election said revitalizing the Conservative party "is going to require new ideas. If we try to stay in the past ... then we're destined to remain in opposition for a long time."

John Tory took an earful of heat about the war that Mike Harris and Ernie Eves waged against the City of Toronto during their time in office. He politely (and perhaps too gently) criticized the policies without repudiating the men. It may have cost him votes municipally, but his loyalty should serve him well if he runs for leader.



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