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The Toronto Budget 2004 -- Index

I intend on using this space as an index for all the work I do on the Toronto budget this year. The permalink for this page is

  1. The Future for Me and This Blog 2 -- The City Budget Project: My decision to make a project out of tracking the budget
  2. Toronto's Public Brainstorming on the Budget: Announcement about Toronto's public hearings on the budget
  3. Listening to Toronto -- 2004 Budget Consultation: My experience attending one of Toronto's public sessions on the budget
  4. The Toronto Budget 2004 -- Index: That's this index. Entries added below came later
  5. Where Toronto Property Taxes Go: Breakdown on net budget numbers
  6. Possibly Irrational Optimism: I'm feeling good about the teamwork that is growing out of the Listening to Toronto consultations
  7. Toronto Residential Property Taxes to Rise... Without an Increase: An explaination of why current value assessment is causing Toronto home-owners to pay more, and why the province's Bill 140 prevents the city from doing anything about it
  8. A First Look at Toronto's Budget Plan: The City has released its plan as a starting point for debate
  9. Martin Makes a Promise: Throne speech comments on a "New Deal for Cities" include a promise to eliminate the GST on cities, which will save Toronto about $50 million
  10. McGuinty is Shirking: It's nice of Paul Martin to try to clean up Ontario's mess, but I'd really prefer it if Dalton McGuinty would take responsibility for his government
  11. "Listening to Toronto" Results: The summaries of what citizens said across all the public budget sessions
  12. Undercover: Toronto's Police Budget: The largest portion of the budget is spent on police, but it's very hard to tell if we're paying too much or too little
  13. Snow Clearing and Property Taxes: The City budget is stressed because services that ought to be funded by income tax are left to property tax payers
  14. TTC Funding Documentary: The TTC has commisioned a documentary that shows the system's state of disrepair and the need for increased capital funding
  15. Addressing "Guns, Gangs and Crime" -- It All Comes Down to Money: Crime in Toronto has become an urgent issue. However, most of the things that can be done about it cost more money.
  16. Ottawa City Budget: Ottawa's situation is similar to ours. Some comments and some numbers.
  17. Toronto Budget Update: Just an update on what has been happening recently -- the back-and-forth between various City departments is background to the real story, waiting for Dalton.
  18. Toronto Business Property Taxes: The province has come through with a partial concession on commercial property taxes and Bill 140. On the other hand, they continue to charge higher education taxes on Toronto businesses, just because they can.
  19. Toronto Budget Game: The Toronto Star has a very good interactive budget online.
  20. The Province Makes Its Offer: Today's announcement of more cash for the TTC is probably the province's total bailout for the City budget this year. About $50-million less than requested.
  21. Toronto Within Striking Distance of Balancing its Budget: Yesterday's money from the province, and the rumours of more, mean the job is almost done.
  22. David Lewis Stein Gets it All Wrong: A response to a wrong-headed column about Toronto property taxes that was in the Star.
  23. The Income Gap in Toronto: New wealth and poverty numbers from the United Way show why provincial downloading of social services has put unacceptable pressure on the City's budget.
  24. Toronto Budget Update 2: Two news items about the City budget.
  25. Toronto Budget Passed: The final budget was passed last night.
  26. Toronto's Business Property Tax Increase: Defending the 1.5% tax increase on commercial property.



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