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McGuinty Needs a Little Help

I have to think that Warren Kinsella isn't working for Dalton McGuinty much anymore.

I mean, I support Dalton McGuinty about as much as anyone does. Despite everything, I'm still very happy I voted for his party. But he just doesn't seem to be very savvy in how he is handling some things in the media.

Take photo radar, for example.

Right now on The Globe and Mail website there is an online poll about whether photo radar is a safety tool or merely a cash cow. Cash cow is winning, and this suggests implementing photo radar won't be very popular for the Liberals. (Of course, non-scientific poll, yadda-yadda.)

The thing is, it all depended on how McGuinty introduced the idea. Introducing a law enforcement technique in the middle of discussion about how the province is going to deal with a financial shortfall does not leave one with the impression that law enforcement is the priority. What worse introduction could photo radar receive if you want to avoid the appearance of simply sucking money out of drivers? This wasn't handled very well at all!

Well, the good side is that I know McGuinty isn't very adept at manipulation. He could have "created a crisis" about traffic safety first; I'm glad he didn't do that.

[POSTSCRIPT: And for the record, I'm not sure where I stand on photo radar, but I strongly support red light cameras. We need them in Toronto.]



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